17 April 2018

New Business opportunities in Uzbekistan

Over the past five years major changes have occurred in Uzbekistan, and now this country is more open than ever to international business.

Antal, a leading executive recruitment agency already has considerable work experience in Uzbekistan and can help you to enter this promising market, to recruit staff and make a salary surveys in this region.

Today, Uzbekistan ranks third in the world export of cotton, 4th place in gold reserves and 7th place in uranium reserves. In terms of natural gas production Uzbekistan ranks in 11th place.

At present, two large-scale projects are being implemented in the country: Tashkent City and High Tech City complexes. It is planning to build the largest cement plant in Central Asia. In addition, the construction of the automobile plant Uzbekistan Peugeot Citroen Automotive began production in the free economic zone "Djizak" in July last year.

Global companies are entering the Uzbek market, including the world-famous automobile brand Volkswagen, the international chain of KFC food restaurants, and Arla which is one of the world's top three dairy producers.

The Uzbek authorities are trying to create a positive environment for the development of entrepreneurship.

Recent developments in Uzbekistan include:

• A moratorium on all state business audits for the next two years has been introduced

• The taxation system has been simplified

• Free economic zones ("Navoi", "Angren", "Djizak") were created

• The major part of customs duties and fees for exporting enterprises has been reduced

• The procedure for registering companies through an online service was accelerated

In connection with the increase of foreign investment and economic growth in Uzbekistan, the issue of staffing is becoming more acute and there are also difficulties with the calculation of salaries.

Antal however, with our specialization in the selection of middle to senior candidates is in a strong position to help to solve such problems.

How can Antal help?

Recruitment in Uzbekistan. We have experience of closing positions in dozens of cities in Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries. We can form a team that will work successfully on the Uzbek market. There are 145,000 hand-picked candidates in our database, whose experience corresponds to the relevant level. We work within major 15 industries and are ready to recruit candidates for you at the almost any level for any tasks relating to your business.

Bespoke Salary Survey at the client's request. If you are only at planning stage to enter the Uzbek market, we are ready to provide you with a labour market survey for your industry / specialization in Uzbekistan.

I will be glad to answer your questions regarding recruitment.

See you in Uzbekistan!

Best Regards,
Antal Kazakhstan Director,
Anna Kovinskaya

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