31 August 2017

Expatriates on Russian labour market. New Antal expat survey 2017

Dear colleagues, we are happy to introduce you our new publication about expatriates working in Russia.

It has stemmed from our annual job market survey. The number of participants of our survey is growing each year, which lets us make our research even more thorough. This time we received over 8000 responses from managers and specialists of which 2% are expatriates. We decided to study their responses separately.

However drastically the economic environment might change, foreign specialists aren't going to disappear from the Russian labour market completely, which means that the problem of attracting and motivating them remains pressing.

  • Why do expatriates still choose Russia?
  • What are the conditions that they accept today for working in the country?
  • How have their income and their compensation package changed?

These are the points that we are going to share with you in this expat survey along with other insights.

Download Expat survey 2017