20 December 2016

Employers are planning to increase salaries and increase staff

According to Antal Russia recruitment company study results*, 61% of employers are planning to increase salaries for employees in 2017.

Half of the companies (52%) include increase by 7-9% in the budget, and only 1% of employers consider increase by more than 15%. In this case, the international companies are planning to increase salaries more frequently than the Russian companies: 67% of representatives of international companies and 44% of companies from Russia have expressed an intention to increase salaries.

salary changes in 2017.png

The employers are also more optimistic about their plans regarding number of personnel. 41% of companies participating in a survey are going to recruit new employees, while merely 24% of respondents planned to increase staff at the end of 2015. The representatives of medical companies from medical sphere, FMCG, IT and retail trading have been mentioning the plans for personnel recruiting more frequently than others. However, every tenth employer keeps thinking that to get along without job cuts in 2017 will be impossible.

staff plans in 2017.png

“We observe positive dynamics in the labour market, the employers began recruiting new employees more actively, though they do it quite carefully. The recruiting process has become longer, especially, if it goes about the middle and top managers. The companies analyze longer, whether they need the person and what skills and competencies shall be boasted thereby. In search for the business-optimal solution, the more people participate in negotiating every applicant and his working conditions. Besides, many companies have fallen back upon cutting staff over the past two years, therefore, for some employers the recruitment of new employees may be not a step to development, but rather the after-crisis recovery,” – Eugeniya Lanichkina, a partner of Antal Russia recruitment company, commented the study results.

“The sales professionals as the motive force of business development and the professionals from hi-tech sphere: software specialists, web and mobile development engineers, information security professionals, e-business experts will be demanded next year. The analysts and Business Intelligence (BI) managers will be invited also more frequently to work. The companies accumulate a huge amount of corporate information and seek to use it efficiently. More attention is paid to big data and the professionals capable of analyzing properly the collected information from the point of view of business, marketing, finance, etc. become demanded more and more. Therefore, the next year the employers will be looking for big data analysts, marketing analysts, financial analysts, business analysts or business intelligence managers,” – added Eugeniya Lanichkina.

*The study had been carried out within a period from December 1 to 12, 2016 by means of computer-assisted web interviewing. 223 Russian and international companies from 16 sectors of economy had taken part in it.