27 December 2018

Its just the right time to bring miracles into life!

Its just the right time to bring miracles into life!

The year 2019 will come very soon.

We hope Santa Claus will please you with the fulfillment of wishes in the New Year's Eve!

You can become a magician and help those who especially need miracles.

 We want not only to congratulate you on the upcoming holidays, but also to acquaint you with the charitable foundations with which Antal Russia works, and to invite you to participate in the fate of their wards.

“Anton tut ryadom” helps people with autism to adapt to society. At the office of Antal Russia in St. Petersburg, there is a graduate of the program of this foundation and our wonderful colleague Daniel.

 Rotary Club Moskau Humboldt helps various charitable projects, such as the Theater Kroog II for people with disabilities and the foundation helping the disadvantaged Samu Social Moscow. Antal Russia annually helps to hold a charity dinner “Gans & Tanz” and transfers all the funds raised at the party from the lottery and auction to this fund.

 “Starost` v radost`” helps to improve the quality of life of older people, creating conditions for active longevity and decent old age.

 ROOI Perspectiva helps people with disabilities to fully engage in all spheres of society, find a job and improve the quality of life.

 "Life line" helps to save the lives of seriously ill children.

"Dety nashi" focuses on the physical and creative education of children.

 “Mi vmeste” collects funds for the treatment of children with serious diseases, as well as their rehabilitation.

 "Dobriye kryshechky" helps children with disabilities with the proceeds from the processing of plastic caps from drinks.

Shelter "Neznayka" is a shelter and rehabilitation center for those who find themselves in crisis situations from which they cannot leave themselves, who have nowhere to live, who want to give their children up for adoption because they have nothing to feed them, - because they can't find a job.

 Let the new year bring you many opportunities to make your life better and help others! We wish you new successes, development and inspirational ideas and people around you!

Happy new year!

Antal Russia