14 June 2017

Antal Russia is reacquired by Antal International

International recruitment firm Antal International has just announced the acquisition of its original subsidiary “Antal Russia” after having divested this business nine years.

Antal Russia is one of the largest recruitment companies in Russia and CIS, focused on quality mid-senior level managerial recruitment across most industry sectors. Founded in 1994, Antal Russia was an important part of the Antal International Group. In 2008 Antal Russia was sold to the FiveTen Group for investment opportunities and was the largest private recruitment company to be sold in Russia.

Reacquiring Antal Russia is a solid move; obtaining an astounding head count of 130+ staff members  across 4 offices located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Over the past decade Antal Russia management team have continued to develop the business. Antal Russia has not only expanded and strengthened its’ regional presence and increased the number of practices and consultants doing mid to senior level management selection, it has also developed several new services including specialist recruitment and outsourcing under the new sub brand Antal Russia Staffing Solutions.

“Whilst I know that many European businesses have struggled in Russia, Antal flourished under the guidance and leadership of Michael Germershausen and the rest of management team, all of who are still with the business and have a combined tenure approaching 70 Antal years. They will bring experience, expertise, enthusiasm, synergy and energy in the Antal International Group Companies – and they will be welcomed back with open arms!” says Tony Goodwin, CEO of Antal International.

With this returning of Antal Russia to the Antal family Antal International now has around 1000 staff members with a comprehensive 145+ offices located worldwide.

“I want to emphasize that all the years, when we were part of the FiveTen Group, we have never lost connection with Antal International, closely and fruitfully cooperating with their offices around the world. Now we are happy to reunite with Antal International and continue to work collaboratively for the benefit of all our Clients, Candidates and Colleagues.

We will keep fulfilling all the agreements and commitments to all our partners. And we will try to ensure that they receive the maximum benefit from the fact that with Antal International we have become a part of even more global recruiting business.

Also we will continue to represent legal and compliance recruitment company Laurence Simons in Russia as a separate brand” comments Michael Germershausen, Managing Director of Antal Russia.

“Bringing Antal Russia back to the group is definitely one of our greatest accomplishments. It really is with the greatest of pleasure and personal delight that we announce in our 25th year of business not just what is a bold business acquisition but personal completion of history for Antal and me as the founder.

We have every confidence that the economic turnaround has begun in Russia after 3-4 lean and difficult years and that the political landscape will also return to a more collaborative posture in the next 1-2 years.

The world is more integrated and globalised than ever before – recruitment, human capital managment has to lead the way. With offices in 34 countries, in 4 continents, I believe Antal is just beginning to be a truly global recruitment company. Therefore Antal Russia is rejoining the family at exactly the right time, positioned to be no1 in the Russian market as a result of being truly integrated into the rest of the world” adds Tony Goodwin.

The FiveTen Group was advised on this transaction by Blackwood Capital Group. Ronny Grosman, Managing Partner of Blackwood Capital Group commented: “I believe this is a win-win situation for both the Sellers and the Purchasers. The Five Ten Group can now divert its full focus towards their home market in the UK whilst having found the optimal solution for its Russian business both for its customers and also for its loyal workforce. Antal International get their Russian business back which still carries their brand name and are present again in one of the world’s most important markets”.

About Antal Russia

Antal Russia is a leading recruitment consultancy, specialising in mid to senior managerial roles across an extensive range of professional disciplines and industry sectors.

Founded in 1994, Antal Russia was an important part of the Antal International Group. In March 2008 Antal Russia was acquired by the FiveTen Group operating across 4 continents. In June 2017 Antal Russia was reacquired by Antal International

In July 2010, the company opened a representative office in Almaty, Antal Kazakhstan, in September 2014 — an office in Kazan, and in the summer of 2016 — in Saint Petersburg.

In 2015, the company launched Antal Russia Staffing Solutions, a new brand concentrating on outstaffing and specialist recruitment services.

Contact information

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