27 December 2018

3 career-pushing lifehacks

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Dear friends, 2019 is knocking the doors and we are wishing you a great start and a year full of happiness, fulfillment and success!

We are constantly fine-tuning our deliverables for both clients & candidates and today we are sharing these 3 easy steps which will help anyone to be even more successful candidate next year & beyond:

1. Make sure you update your CV at our new CRM database. Even if you are not looking for a job actively right now, our new database will allow us to provide you with jobs, perfectly suited to your competences and preferences*.

2. Hurry up if you want to get our career consultancy session for the lower price. Only until January 9, 2019! The career consulting will be useful not only for those who are looking for a new job, but also for those who are seriously interested in career growth.

3. Get more aware of your emotional intelligence. According to our recent surveys, 40% of HR-managers are guided by tests when hiring. Be ahead and explore your strengths! The EIQ report will not only help to get insights about your effectiveness and performance in professional life, but will also be useful for your social appearance.

We wish you a happy and productive start of the new year!

Your headhunters and consultants,
Antal Russia

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