Kaizen: a way to increase commitment and save money

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy or practice of constantly refining production, research, and supplementary management and business processes, as well as all aspects of life in general. In other words, it means continuous improvement.

11 February 2019
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Stay informed: Key changes in labour legislation in 2019

Here is a digest of key changes in labour legislation which are coming into force or planned in 2019.

28 January 2019
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International relocation: dream or reality?

According to our annual job market survey, 45 to 55 per cent of mid-level managers consider relocating. We have always wondered how many of these actually venture upon relocation, what difficulties they face, and how much time it takes to think it over before making such a serious move. We have found a case of international relocation in Antal – meet our consultant Tatyana Bychkovskaya who has relocated from our Moscow office to the office in Dubai.

25 January 2019
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Every third company has remote-working employees

According to a survey done by the recruitment company Antal Russia, 32% of companies have employees who work remotely full-time.

8 January 2019
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In every fifth company attending the New Year corporate party was compulsory

According to a survey done by the recruitment company Antal Russia, 74% of employers are planning to organize an office party for their employees to celebrate the New Year. Notably, 22% of the respondents state that in their company it is compulsory to attend the New Year party.

2 January 2019
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3 career-pushing lifehacks

2019 is knocking the doors and we are wishing you a great start and a year full of happiness, fulfillment and success!  

27 December 2018
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Its just the right time to bring miracles into life!

We want not only to congratulate you on the upcoming holidays, but also to acquaint you with the charitable foundations with which Antal Russia works, and to invite you to participate in the fate of their wards.

27 December 2018
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Employers are planning minimal salary increases in 2019

According to a survey by the recruitment company Antal Russia, over a half of employers are planning to increase salaries in their company in 2019 but the increment will be as low as 1-6%.

6 December 2018
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Are companies willing to hire older candidates?

On August 29, in a television address to the nation, Vladimir Putin spoke about the planned pension reform. The next debate in the State Duma on the draft bill on raising the retirement age is scheduled for late September. The recruitment company Antal has asked employers how it is likely to affect their hiring policy, if this law is adopted.

19 October 2018
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5 o’clock business talk in Antal Russia office in Moscow

On the 30th of August Antal Russia held an event in 5 o’clock business talk format – it is an informal evening event for General Managers and HR Directors to discuss important business issues with a cup of tea. Participants discussed a raising retirement age in Russia and how to maximize advantages from it in companies.

10 September 2018
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