Is generation Z stable and loyal? What motivates those under 25 at work

Gen Y or Millenials  are  25 to 38 these days.  This age box is the main “driving labor power” nowadays. However Gen Z is considerably taking over the labor market. How different behavior of young professionals in the labor market differs from job search scenarios of more mature candidates?

25 April 2019
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Every second employer has seen ghost candidates

According to a survey carried out by the recruitment company Antal Russia, the majority of companies have met "ghost" candidates in their recruitment practice.

7 March 2019
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Staff turnover has started to grow

According to a survey carried out by the recruitment company Antal Russia, staff turnover is on the rise. 28% of employers now state that staff turnover in their company has grown over the past year. Two years ago, the situation was radically different: only 15% of companies noted an increase in staff turnover, while 35% stated that it had decreased.

7 March 2019
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Antal 2.0. Our Moscow office is now restructured

One of the greatest strengths of Antal is the narrow specialisation of its consultants. To consolidate our expert approach to recruitment, we have restructured our Moscow office.

27 February 2019
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Kaizen: a way to increase commitment and save money

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy or practice of constantly refining production, research, and supplementary management and business processes, as well as all aspects of life in general. In other words, it means continuous improvement.

11 February 2019
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Stay informed: Key changes in labour legislation in 2019

Here is a digest of key changes in labour legislation which are coming into force or planned in 2019.

28 January 2019
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International relocation: dream or reality?

According to our annual job market survey, 45 to 55 per cent of mid-level managers consider relocating. We have always wondered how many of these actually venture upon relocation, what difficulties they face, and how much time it takes to think it over before making such a serious move. We have found a case of international relocation in Antal – meet our consultant Tatyana Bychkovskaya who has relocated from our Moscow office to the office in Dubai.

25 January 2019
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Every third company has remote-working employees

According to a survey done by the recruitment company Antal Russia, 32% of companies have employees who work remotely full-time.

8 January 2019
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In every fifth company attending the New Year corporate party was compulsory

According to a survey done by the recruitment company Antal Russia, 74% of employers are planning to organize an office party for their employees to celebrate the New Year. Notably, 22% of the respondents state that in their company it is compulsory to attend the New Year party.

2 January 2019
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3 career-pushing lifehacks

2019 is knocking the doors and we are wishing you a great start and a year full of happiness, fulfillment and success!  

27 December 2018
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