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Thomas Personal Profile Analysis

Experienced job-seekers can sell themselves, however, their personal qualities do not necessarily match your vacancy requirements.

Thomas PPA identifies the following:
  • work behaviour patterns
  • motivators
  • stress response
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • improvement areas

The PPA System is characterized by high precision (88.5%) and does not permit to give socially predictable answers.

If a candidate fails to get along with your team, tension and conflict may arise.

  • Thomas PPA identifies the work style suitable for a candidate and helps to match it with that of the management and other team members.

Certain working environment can be demotivating for a candidate. This may lead to poor performance or quick termination of the employment contract.

  • The Thomas test helps to identify motivators. It shows how a candidate is influenced by competition, stress situations, etc.
  • The test also reveals whether a candidate has leadership qualities. It helps to define which tasks can be managed by such candidate.
Thomas PPA for Existing Employees:
  • Reduced performance — analyse demotivators.
  • Frequent conflicts between team members — identify competing approaches to work.
  • Appointment of a new manager — identify the right approach to every team member.
Other Advantages of Thomas PPA:
  • Based on one PPA questionnaire, various reports can be generated. They highlight leadership qualities, motivators, needs for training, or recommended interview questions.
  • A candidate can take the test in his or her native language, and the language of the report is chosen by the employer.
  • The test is adapted for Russia.
how Thomas PPA System can increase the efficiency of your team!.

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