Antal Russia's consultants are committed to establishing a successful partnership with you. A number of principles should be observed to meet both your and our expectations when working with recruitment consultants­.

What we offer:

  • We advise you on how to build a career properly, show available market opportunities, and give tips for developing the skills needed to achieve success. 
  • We notify you of suitable vacancies. 
  • We make a list of companies matching your criteria and introduce you to them.
  • We assist you in writing a winning CV which highlights your strengths. 
  • We provide you with the required information about the vacancy, company, and its corporate culture. 
  • We provide you with a feedback from a potential employer after a job interview and give recommendations regarding subsequent interviews if the first stage of negotiations in the company has been successful. 
  • We point out your mistakes after a failed job interview and advise on how to avoid them in future. 
  • We hold negotiations with potential employers on your behalf. We negotiate the level of compensation and social package. 
  • We coordinate the whole job search process from CV construction to employment. We keep in touch even after you get the job. 
  • We keep you informed on the latest trends in the labour market and share information based on Antal Russia's salary surveys. 
  • We work in a confidential manner. Neither your management nor colleagues will know about your job search. 
  • We offer free recruitment services for candidates.

What we don't offer:

  • We cannot guarantee that we will help you to find a new job quickly since our work is based on requests from potential employers. Bear in mind that consultants generally meet with the applicants that match the criteria of open vacancies. 
  • We will not be able to help you if your salary expectations or requirements for the position or the employer are unreasonably high. Our work is based on the employer's brief and budget. Ideally, the compensation level should be aligned with the market one. However, if your expectations go beyond the budget you can be excluded from the list of candidates. 
  • We do not send your CV to the employers that you are interested in if we believe that your experience and expertise do not match the criteria of the company or the opening. We guarantee quality to our clients and must be sure that you meet their requirements. 
  • The employers prefer professionals with a consistent and stable career history. Job-hopping may diminish your chances of being hired. 
  • We can hardly help you make a dramatic career change since the employers are looking for candidates who have experience in the field similar to that of the vacant position. Nevertheless, we do help career changers, yet rather rarely. 
  • Unfortunately, sometimes negotiations with employers take longer than expected. We try our best to reduce the time to final decision, but not everything depends on us.

We advise you to:

  • Choose a recruitment consultant of Antal Russia who specialises in your professional field or sector. 
  • Be honest with your consultant — concealment may take a toll on your negotiations with a prospective employer. 
  • Provide us with reliable information on your current income. We will eventually find out your actual income level when processing a vacancy. However, if you give us misleading information you can be excluded from the vacancy filling process. 
  • Clearly state your new job expectations. Tell us about sectors and companies which are of interest to you. 
  • Specify possible reasons to reject a job offer and unacceptable functional duties. Name companies which cannot be considered for some reason (agreements with competing companies, office location, etc.). 
  • Inform us when you are ready to take an active part in evaluating job offers. If you have entered the labour market, be ready to meet with potential employers during business hours. 
  • Inform us if you need more than a month to start your new job after signing a job offer. 
  • Don't let your consultant down and provide us with all vital information which may influence the project. Remember: a consultant recommends only candidates with confirmed motivation and expertise.

Keep tabs on labour market

  • Sign up for and subscribe to notifications of vacancies matching your criteria.
  • Keep in touch with your consultant from Antal Russia to follow career opportunities and labour market trends, to recommend your friends, and to stay informed on interesting job offers.

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